Sculpture Description

The front yard sculpture consists of a collection of old fashioned firefighter’s boots also known as “three quarter boots”.  These boots are cast out of bronze at life and a half size making each boot about 27” tall. The collection will contain 12 pairs of boots setup in rows. These bronze boots are placed on an 18” tall raised concrete pad. The sculpture is lit for night viewing.

Tower Windows Description

Each window has a word placed on it in large font. The font used references the font on classic fire trucks. The words selected by the firefighters were “courage, duty, honor and vigilance.”


A firefighters boots are an important part of their equipment, moreover the firefighters themselves use the word “boot” in several significant ways. “Old Boots” means a firefighter with a lot of experience; similarly the phrase “Black Boots” refers to a firefighter who has fought so many fires their boots have turned black from the ash. Also the phrase “Pull Up Your Boots” come from a classic firefighter’s boot called a three quarter boot which has protective material that is pulled up to cover three quarters of the leg. The “three quarter boot” is no longer used, but it is the classic style. After speaking with the firefighters at Station #8 they expressed that they wanted the art to be considerate of their historic roots.

The arrangement of the boots will give the viewer the impression of standing figures, because the boots are standing in the same direction, it also gives the feeling of a united purpose.

It is impossible to think about public art at a fire station in today’s times, and not think about September 11. I do not want this piece to be about September 11 but it is important to be conscious of 9-11. This sculpture references the saying, “United We Stand” on that day firefighters showed the American people the meaning embodied in those words. The firefighters of Station 8 exemplify this very spirit; they are committed to serving their community and each other.

From a more formal perspective it should be noted that the piece has a contemporary edge because of its formatting and presentation, but still retains the ability to draw in and communicate with a large public audience.

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