This is a digital rendering of a lighted water feature see description below:


            The sculpture itself will be around 15 feet tall and consists of three channels, each one guiding a constant flow of falling water.  These three channels will intersect and their water will combine in one major channel. Each channel is a rectangular chamber with three walls, leaving the uppermost side open to the air.  The water in the major channel will fall into a canal that will flow underneath the sidewalk.  This sidewalk canal will be covered by a plate of industrial glass allowing pedestrians to easily walk over the flowing water.  The canal will terminate at a functional drinking fountain.  The water from the canal will be forced up into a translucent chamber under the drinking fountain, which will give the illusion that the water from the waterfall is feeding into the fountain.  Of course this will not be true; the water for the drinking fountain will be piped in separately.   Also, there will be two benches made out of the same translucent material, placed near the work for the pedestrians to both relax and look at the artwork. 

To add another element of interest the work will be lit with a dynamic lighting system.  The lighting will change throughout the day and evening to illuminate the structure with a range of colors.  The lighting system will be interactive with pedestrian traffic and viewers.  The change in lighting will be activated by motion sensors that will be installed under the glass in the canal.  Depending on which part of the glass someone walks over, the color of light on the sculpture will change.  The interior of the benches will also be lit, and the lighting will change consistently with the sculpture.

      The three intersecting channels are symbolic of rivers and tributaries.  Just as the Lakes supply the city with water, this drinking fountain appears to be fed by the flowing water of the sculpture and will supply its citizens with “water.”  The interactive quality of the motion sensors will create a participatory element to the work.