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Access Denied is an independently produced documentary by Taurustoo Productions, directed by Leah H. Bell. It is now available here on ericmcgehearty.com. Purchases may be made with a credit card or with a PayPal account. If you have any questions about ordering the film you may call 972-979-8597 or e-mail.

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ACCESS DENIED: the art and life of Eric McGehearty a documentary film by Leah Bell
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"Dyslexia" the term alone signals disability, disorder, discomfort. But for artist and teacher Eric McGehearty, dyslexia is not a learning disability alone. It is also a new way of encoding the world. In Leah Bell's Access Denied The Life and Art of Eric McGehearty, we see a person who asks questions about the way we communicate with one another, who uses his own experience with dyslexia to generate visually compelling ideas through sculpture. An accomplished artist and intellectual, McGehearty has had to work harder than most to receive and produce the written word. But as Access Denied reveals, it is precisely in the daily unlocking of ideas where McGehearty finds material for his art, and a new language to share with others. -Tolly Moseley, SACTOWN MAGAZINE