Sitting Pretty

The Texas Chair Project by Damian Priour

Exhibited at the Austin Museum of Art 2008-2009

The Texas Chair Project is an artistic exchange initiated by Texas artist Damian Priour. In 2007, Priour created and mailed 100 unique miniature glass and limestone chairs to fellow artists with the request that they return a chair in response. A celebration of material exploration, this exhibition is a presentation of this interchange. Texas artists Steve Brudniak, Melissa Miller, Jesus Moroles, Margo Sawyer, Eric McGehearty, Bob Schneider, James Surls, The Art Guys, and Sydney Yeager, among others, created chairs in such diverse media as a beer can, buttons, cast bronze, plastic army men, sawdust, steel, uranium tubing, and U.S. currency. Organized by Damian Priour and Eva Buttacavoli, Director of Exhibitions and Education, Austin Museum of Art.

Sitting Pretty
Sitting Pretty
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“Sitting Pretty”
Eric McGehearty
Steel and auto paint
5 x 4 x 3 inches